About us


Associação Dobem, or simply dobem, is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to promoting integral human development, for a physical, mental, spiritual, social and environmental wellbeing.

In order to fulfill its mission statement, dobem created the Encontro do Bem Conference, which had its first edition in May 2008. Since then, two other projects have been completed, including a feature documentary about self-knowledge and the pursuit of happiness called EU MAIOR (Higher Self).  Please refer to the “Projects” link in this website for additional information about these projects.

In due time, dobem will be announcing additional projects related to integral human development. Conferences, lectures, classes, workshops, publications (in print and on-line), audio-visual products – a variety of tools will be used to reach an ever-increasing public. Synchronously, dobem will work to establish partnerships with renowned centers of integral education in Brazil and abroad.

To find out how dobem was created, and what it stands for, please refer to the links at the top.