2008 Encontro do Bem Conference. Photos by João Vianna


Since its inception, dobem has successfully concluded three innovative projects: the Encontro do Bem Conference (2008), the first ever Big Mind, Big Heart meditation workshop in Brazil (2010), and the feature documentary EU MAIOR (Higher Self), about self-knowledge and the pursuit of happiness. Since its premiere in 2013, the film has had millions of views on YouTube. In October 2017, Higher Self gained a much anticipated book accompaniment, with never before seen material from the thirty original interviews. Like the film, the making of the book was partially paid for with crowdfunding. The book was released by Sextante, one of Brazil’s leading publishing houses.




The quest for self-knowledge and happiness

The difficult challenges facing our planet today, such as global warming and social inequality, can only be overcome with a higher level of individual consciousness, grounded on sustainable values. This premise is embedded in the feature documentary Higher Self (EU MAIOR, in Portuguese), with its unique examination of the classic human quest for self-knowledge and long-lasting happiness.

Higher Self interviewed thirty noted Brazilian spiritual leaders, intellectuals, artists and professional athletes, who shared stories of personal transformation, as well as insights regarding their innermost essence. During production, clips from the interviews were made available on the web, which gradually turned Higher Self into a social media success. In fact, one quarter of the film’s production budget came from an online crowdfunding initiative – the highest grossing one, in Brazilian cinema history.

Higher Self premiered on November 21st, 2013. It was made available in movie-screens, home-video, and streaming simultaneously. Over a period of two months, the film was screened in theaters of 19 Brazilian cities. Higher Self continues to be screened independently today, in cultural centers and schools throughout the country, and abroad. Available on Youtube with English and Spanish Subtitles, it will soon reach the 3 million view mark. To watch the film, click here.

In 2017, Higher Self will gain a much anticipated book accompaniment, with never before seen material from the thirty original interviews. Like the film, the making of the book was partially paid for with crowdfunding. A national book tour is being planned, with accompanying talks and panels.




Meditation Workshop

In October 2010, dobem organized the first Big Mind Big Heart workshop ever to take place in Brazil. The teacher, Diane Musho Hamilton, is a zen-buddhist monk given dharma transmission by Genpo Roshi, who synthesized the technique. For additional information about Diane and Big Mind, visit www.dianemushohamilton.com




Integral wellbeing for all

“I liked the integral approach - different techniques and tools to promote the connection with the inner Self.”
Fernando Santiago, 2008 Conference participant

“It was a truly happy Conference. Congratulations to the organizers for generating something so precious.”
Deborah Weinberg, 2008 Conference yoga instructor


The first Encontro do Bem Conference took place on May 1-4, 2008. The event brought 200 people to Atlântico Hotel, located at Mariscal Beach (Bombinhas, state of Santa Catarina). In addition to yoga and meditation practices, each participant was able to enroll in 4 workshops, out of 10 that were offered. There were also open activities, such as the lecture “The Integral Way”, the discussion panel “Happiness in the XXI Century”, and three evening music presentations.

The emotional testimonials given by the participants of the 2008 Encontro do Bem Conference made it clear that the demand for an integral kind of human development is real, and the Conference is an initiative that must continue. In the future, this website will be posting information regarding the Conference's next edition, which should be considerably larger than its predecessor.

For additional information about the Encontro do Bem Conference, please visit the event website at www.encontrodobem.com.br (Portuguese only). For information in English, download the 2008 Conference PDF presentation by clicking here.