Dorival Schultz

Dorival Schultz (President)
In Brazil, Dorival worked as the domestic and international sales manager of Embraer Aircraft Company, and Varig Airlines’ Vice-President of Finances. In the US, he served as Executive-Director of Banco do Brasil Leasing Trust, in New York, and President of Iochpe-Maxion USA, in Miami. Dorival brings to dobem much needed administration experience, as well as a network of colleagues and friends whose respect he earned through the years. Today, he takes a special interest in matters related to leadership and sustainability.

Fernando Schultz

Fernando Schultz (Executive Coordinator)*
Fernando graduated from film school in the United States, where he lived for ten years. An award-winning documentary filmmaker, he has also directed and/or produced music videos and industrial films. Synchronously, Fernando has been producing events with a focus on the arts and wellbeing, such as an Independence Day concert for the Brazilian Embassy in Washington (2005). In 2007, he co-produced Yoga pela Paz (Yoga for Peace), Brazil’s biggest yoga and meditation conference to date.

Marco Schultz

Marco Schultz (Research and Development)*
Marco graduated in Physical Education, Exercise Science, and Language Studies from California State University (San Diego). A yoga and meditation instructor for over eighteen years, he developed his own style of mind-and-body integration, called Simplesmente Yoga (“Simply Yoga”). Marco is constantly traveling across Brazil giving classes, workshops, and retreats. He is also known for his Satsangs – musical meetings characterized by teachings and Kirtans (chanting of mantras). In 2007, he released his first CD, called Simply Satsang.

Carlos Schultz

Paulo Schultz (Research and Development)*
A film-school graduate, Paulo has directed one feature film, three documentaries, several music videos and commercials. He and his brother Fernando are partners in Catalisadora Audiovisual, a production company located in Brazil with several national and international projects in its portfolio. Over the past few years, Paulo has also worked as a professinal screenplay writer in Los Angeles, where he maintains a wide network of media, television, and film-production contacts and associations.

Carlos Schultz

Carlos Schultz (Unit Coordinator – USA)*
Moved by an entrepreneurial spirit from early on, Carlos became a licensed stock-broker at age twenty-one, when he was still studying business at Florida International University. Over the years his interest migrated to green business, and today he works as a consultant with institutions promoting sustainability and human development. A dedicated student of integral theory, Carlos regularly attends workshops and conferences organized by the Integral Institute, Esalen, IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences) and Spirit Rock.

* Founding-member of Associação Dobem