Dorival Schultz

Dorival Schultz (President)
In Brazil, Dorival worked as the domestic and international sales manager of Embraer Aircraft Company, and Varig Airlines’ Vice-President of Finances. In the US, he served as Executive-Director of Banco do Brasil Leasing Trust, in New York, and President of Iochpe-Maxion USA, in Miami. Dorival brings to dobem much needed administration experience, as well as a network of colleagues and friends whose respect he earned through the years. Today, he takes a special interest in matters related to leadership and sustainability.

Fernando Schultz

Fernando Schultz (Executive Coordinator)*
Fernando graduated from film school in the United States, where he lived for ten years. An award-winning documentary filmmaker, he has also directed and/or produced music videos and industrial films. Synchronously, Fernando has been producing events with a focus on the arts and wellbeing, such as an Independence Day concert for the Brazilian Embassy in Washington (2005). In 2007, he co-produced Yoga pela Paz (Yoga for Peace), Brazil’s biggest yoga and meditation conference to date.

Marco Schultz

Marco Schultz (Research and Development)*
Marco graduated in Physical Education, Exercise Science, and Language Studies from California State University (San Diego). A yoga and meditation instructor for over eighteen years, he developed his own style of mind-and-body integration, called Simplesmente Yoga (“Simply Yoga”). Marco is constantly traveling across Brazil giving classes, workshops, and retreats. He is also known for his Satsangs – musical meetings characterized by teachings and Kirtans (chanting of mantras). In 2007, he released his first CD, called Simply Satsang.

Carlos Schultz

Paulo Schultz (Research and Development)*
A film-school graduate, Paulo has directed one feature film, three documentaries, several music videos and commercials. He and his brother Fernando are partners in Catalisadora Audiovisual, a production company located in Brazil with several national and international projects in its portfolio. Over the past few years, Paulo has also worked as a professinal screenplay writer in Los Angeles, where he maintains a wide network of media, television, and film-production contacts and associations.

Carlos Schultz

Carlos Schultz (Unit Coordinator – USA)*
Moved by an entrepreneurial spirit from early on, Carlos became a licensed stock-broker at age twenty-one, when he was still studying business at Florida International University. Over the years his interest migrated to green business, and today he works as a consultant with institutions promoting sustainability and human development. A dedicated student of integral theory, Carlos regularly attends workshops and conferences organized by the Integral Institute, Esalen, IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences) and Spirit Rock.

* Founding-member of Associação Dobem




Ari Rainsford

Ari Raynsford
Ari has a PhD in Nuclear Engineering and a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Earlier, he graduated as a naval engineer from the Escola Politécnica of the University of São Paulo. For twenty years Ari has been studying the Integral Model conceived by the American philosopher Ken Wilber, and for ten years has been promoting it through lectures and courses, coordinating study groups, and translating books and articles. (www.ariray.com.br)

Aser Cortines

Aser Cortines
Aser is both partner and chief administrator of the business-management consulting firm Cortines & Sabastiá, and a Board member of Instituto de Estudos do Trabalho e Sociedade-IETS. For six years, Aser served as vice-president of Urban Development for Caixa Econômica Federal. For thirty years he taught at the Economy College of the Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF). He also taught at the post-graduate programs of COPPE/UFRJ, the MBA of IBMEC/RJ, and FGV. Aser also worked as director and facilitator of executive programs at AMANA-KEY and Universidade da Experiência.

Maurício Curi

Maurício Curi
Maurício likes to define himself as a resident of the Vila Madalena district in São Paulo, father of two daughters, and someone who loves to share ideas and ideals with others. He is a social innovator and story-teller at CO•MO•VER since july 2014, and has organized TEDx Vila Madá since 2009. He co-founded Educartis in 2003, leading projects in collective intelligence for 12 years. (www.comover.com.br)

Vera Peirão

Vera Peirão
Vera is a Tourism and Hotel Management professional. She conceived the famous Txai Resort in Itacaré (Bahia), being one of the first to integrate the concepts of sophisticated lodging with holistic well-being. Today she lives at the mountainous Serra da Mantiqueira, spending her time contemplating nature and administering Oca Soma, a holistic center dedicated to promoting wholesome encounters of people interested in an integral human development. (www.ocasoma.com.br)

Waldemar Falcão

Waldemar Falcão
Waldemar is a musician, writer and astrologer. In the 1970’s he worked as an actor in plays and musicals, such as “Hair”, and later as a music producer and flute player. He is a professional astrologer since 1987, achieving wide recognition for the humanistic approach of his consulting work. In 2005 he published his first book, “Encounters with Notable Mediums”, followed by “Each One’s God”, in 2008. Recently, he mediated an encounter between Frei Beto and the physicist Marcelo Gleiser, which resulted in the book “Talks about Faith and Science”. (www.waldemarfalcao.com.br)


Adenias Gonçalves Filho

Adenias Gonçalves Filho
Adenias is a financial consultant, partner and director of Brexperts, a multidisciplinary consulting and business-management firm. Previously, he served as a fiscal board member of AERUS Institute of social security, as well as financial director, corporate auditor, and head of special projects of various major companies. More recently, Adenias served as president of the Tropical chain of hotels, and as a member of the administrative board of Fundação Rubem Berta (www.brexperts.com.br)

Derek Gallo

Derek is co-founder of Sangha Investments, a financial consulting firm focused on businesses operating in the sustainability, clean-tech and social-business markets. He is also co-founder of BRiix, a social-impact investment platform, and Plugnwork, a collaborative working space in São Paulo. Previously, Derek served as director of BroadSpan capital, an investment bank operating in Latin America, working in business fusions, acquisitions and fundraising. (www.sanghainvest.com)

Paulo Afonso de Lima Fumis

Paulo Afonso de Lima Fumis
Paulo is a University of São Paulo law-school graduate with expertise in labor and real-estate. He served as director of the legal department of the Centro Acadêmico Onze de Agosto, ombudsman of OAB/SP (Ipiranga branch), and as judging mediator of the Juizado de Pequenas Causas - Foro Regional do Ipiranga, São Paulo (Small Dispute Court).


Paz & Farias Contabilidade e Assessoria S/S
Dobem´s accountants are Edvaldo Levi Paz, who specializes in auditing and accounting investigation, having graduated from the Federal University of Santa Catarina-UFSC, and Homero Farias, a highly respected professional in the field of fiscal analysis, a graduate from the University of Itajai-UNIVALI. Paz & Farias Contabilidade e Assessoria works for a number of third-sector organizations (www.pazefarias.com.br).